My name is Aaron Delgado and I live in Oxford.

I play guitar in a noisy two-piece called Phantom Theory and so far in our career we’ve been lucky enough to share stages with some incredible bands. Many of these incredible bands also hail from Oxford; some of whom you may have heard of.

Now, I’m a massive fan of record label samplers (especially when they’re free) and thought to myself how cool it would be if there was a sampler/compilation of some of the awesome music that’s currently coming out of Oxford. It’s hardly an original concept but why not make it free to download in order to get it out to a wider audience?

With spotlights on Oxford’s music scene in the form of Anyone Can Play Guitar and several articles in national music publications about Oxford’s Blessing Force collective,  it seemed like the perfect time to showcase some of the city’s finest bands.

I set about contacting some of the best bands in Oxford (in my humble opinion), knocked up some artwork and the Spires compilation is the result.

All of the bands on the Spires compilation have kindly donated a track for free; which, considering the often overlooked costs of rehearsing/recording/mixing/mastering/petrol for an unsigned band, is very generous indeed. The Spires compilation is completely non-profit and no donations are necessary.

If you like any of the music on this compilation then why not go and buy a CD, vinyl, ticket or t-shirt from these bands and help keep independent music alive.



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